When I first found out about iced coffee, I had a couple questions: Do they brew it with cold water? If not, how do they keep it fresh?

The truth is, that most coffee shops (Starbucks included) brew hot coffee the night before and stick the coffee in the fridge. Not with cold brew, however. Cold Brew is brewed with cold water, and has a variety of benefits.

Companies like Broma even sell cold brew coffee in bottles. But what are the benefits of cold brew coffee? And how is it made? We were just as curious about this as you were, so we found out.

How it’s made:

In order to make cold brew coffee, you need coffee beans, water, and a French press. First, it is necessary to grind the beans to medium to high coarseness. Put the grounds into the French press, then pour the water. The water should be room temperature. Leave the plunger of the French press up for 24 hours. Once 24 hours have passed, the coffee should be fully steeped. Push the plunger down and then your coffee is ready to enjoy!

Companies like Broma, who mass manufacture cold brew coffee do basically the same thing, but on a much larger scale!

Benefits of cold brew coffee:

Less Acidic: Because the heating process of conventionally brewing coffee causes more oils to be released from the coffee, more acid is retained by the coffee. With cold brew, gastrointestinal upset, heartburn and acid reflux are less likely, making for a smoother taste and experience.

Prevents Certain Diseases: Cold Brew Coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of conditions such as Type II Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Coffee, more generally, can reduce the risk of depression and improve brain function.

No Need to Add Stuff: Because cold brew retains coffee’s sugars, the taste is sweeter, meaning people are less likely to adulterate the coffee with additives such as creamer, sugar or artificial sweeteners.

More Caffeine: Because cold brew is more concentrated, it also contains more caffeine per fluid ounce. Often, cold brew coffee is diluted, but even diluted cold brew coffee contains more caffeine on average than your regular old cup o’ joe.

Weight Loss: Since caffeine can help with weight loss because it precipitates the use of greater amounts of energy by the body, cold brew coffee can also help with your waistline.

Above all, cold brew coffee is delicious and nutritious. You can find it at many coffee shops, most Starbucks, and you can buy it from companies like Broma. Cold Brew Coffee is one of many specialty beverages that is becoming a staple in many homes. You should give it a try yourself!


Chad Weisman—CEO, Golden Strands Communication; ‘creative type’; surfer on the amber waves of grain; avid concert attendee.